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Other LOC Groups Founded in 1857 in St. Louis, Mo., the Ladies of Charity has its roots in 17th-century France, where St. Vincent de Paul rallied women to join together in reaching out to the poor and sick.  He urged these women to see Christ in the faces of the poor, and this spirit of caring has continued to spread throughout the world.

Today, the Ladies of Charity in the United States has 16,000 members.  It is the oldest women´s volunteer organization in the U.S.  The Ladies of Charity is part of the International Association of Charities, which counts 250,000 members globally and operates in 53 countries

The following is a partial list of other Ladies of Charity organizations across the United States.  The National Site, Ladies of Charity USA, is located in St. Louis and offers a good deal of information about the Ladies of Charity.  Other organization sites include the following: